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Maogma is a team of travel specialists who genuinely care in providing travelers like you the same wonderful holiday experiences our friends have been privileged to indulge from our personal attention and painstaking effort.

We chose the name Maogma because it means happy in a dialect of Bikol Region, Philippines and we believe this suitably reflects the exotic and happy memories we want you to create and cherish from our tailored fit holiday packages.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Natalie Niu, is a Filipina finance professional who discovered her passion for traveling when she studied Masters in Finance at London Business School in 2007-2008. She has since extensively traveled Europe and Asia visiting 16 countries and counting. She has extensively traveled the Philippines covering all the top destinations mixing relaxation, pampering and adventure activities on her local exploration. Having visited different countries made her appreciate more the natural and breathtaking beauty of the Philippines which she excitedly wanted to share with her friends and fellow travelers.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO), Gerrit Knippschild, is a German senior consultant living in Frankfurt, Germany. He has a Diploma in Economics from Heidelberg University. Gerrit is also an avid traveler and has extensively traveled America, Africa and Europe, including Scandinavia. Having started programming work at an early age of 14, Gerrit is the perfect man to manage the information technology and computer systems aspects that support enterprise goals.

Gerrit and Natalie met while attending the same course in London School of Economics. They have been friends from then on and in April 2011, Gerrit enthusiastically visited some of Philippine top attractions. The trip proved to be pivotal for the birth of Maogma. Gerrit and Natalie realized that it is ideal to have a holiday just like Gerrit did - completely enjoying the unspoilt tropical paradise of the Philippines by having someone proficient and with local insight take care of the planning and booking of the best choices among the vast array of options.

We would like to share this wonderful holiday experience with you. We have been personally visiting and experiencing the best options in the Philippines to ensure that what we will recommend what will best suit your unique preferences and comfort.

Warmest and sunniest regards,
Your Maogma management team

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