Zambales is a province of unassuming beauty. It is home to the picture postcard Mt. Pinatubo, great tasting mangoes, vibrant Subic Bay, 173 kilometers of beaches, dive spots, surfing areas, and other wonderful treasures awaiting to be explored. It’s proximity to Manila which could even take just as short as less than 2 hour of scenic land travel makes it more persuasive to be visited.  This is one of those out of town destinations for Metro Manila residents who wanted a quick city break over the weekend.  Many expats come for business and leisure.  While most travellers simply finds Mt. Pinatubo as an irresistible part of their holiday itinerary. The presence of Clark airport and the plans of moving the International airport which is currently located in Manila to this location just attest to its great potential and brighter future as a holiday destination.

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    Mt. Pinatubo

    Mount Pinatubo is popularly known for it’s breathtaking lake view.  It’s so beautiful that it literally looks like a postcard.  It is actually an active volcano with the scenic lake located in its crater.  A Mt. Pinatubo trip is an easy adventure comprising of a road trip, a 4x4 ride and a short hike to the crater.  The road trip is a very scenic ride or mountains and fields.  The 4x4 ride is good for 4 visitors plus the driver and the guide.  The thrilling ride is a bit rough going through  unpaved roads, crossing water streams, patches of sand and some rocks.  The ride is a bit hot, bumpy and dusty.  Nevertheless, there are many parts of the trip that are very beautiful like some interesting formations of ash mountains, rural life, animals such as water buffalos, cows and goats and even the way itself where there are some streams and sand with the background of the beautiful mountains. The unique experience this trip offers is having to swim in the crater.  Visitors could also take a boat ride to the other side and have a picnic.  There is also a unique spa experience of lying down covered with warm volcanic ash that is like a natural sauna experience.

  • Mt. Pinatubo

  • Subic Bay

    Subic is a vibrant urban place which is best for both relaxation and adventure.  It is promoted as the Philippine's top playground for sports and extreme adventures because of forest adventure, ship wreck diving, sailing, and close interaction with safari animals.  There is Treetop Adventure which let’s you experience a forest adventure of canopy ride, rappelling, zip line and trekking above one hundred feet.  Great diving attractions are warship wrecks, garden of coral reefs and the vast array of colorful marine life that the Bay offers.  Yacht charters are available for those who would like to sail in Subic's blue waters and wonderful sceneries.  Jetski, kayaking and canoeing could also be arranged by Maogma for enthusiasts of water sports.  In Zoobic Zafari, the highlight is observing at very close distance the feeding of the tigers while riding a jeepney vehicle. Although completely safe, it is still a thrill to watch a tiger snatch the piece of meat from the guide’s hand a few inches from you.

  • Subic Bay

  • Anawangin

    Anawangin Cove is a spectacular combination of mountain range and sea making it a feast for the eyes, the body, and the spirit especially when the bright warm sun takes centre stage in the clear blue sky  . Anawangin cove boasts of virgin beach and forests so there are no hotels or similar establishments nearby. Anawangin is only ideal for venturesome travellers who would be interested to experience an undeveloped cove with a daytrip or an overnight camping.  The beautiful sight of clear blue seawater and contrasting sand embraced by Agoho trees and mountainous terrain makes a worthy reward for adventurous travelers.

  • Anawangin


How much time needed to explore and enjoy

Mt. Pinatubo tour is best experienced for a whole day tour starting out early morning until late afternoon. For those who are more adventurous and doesn’t mind roughing it, overnight camping could also be arranged.  Additional days should be allotted if you wish to see what Subic has to offer and/or do more fun and thrilling activities within the province. Everything could be arranged by Maogma for your safety, comfort and convenience.

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How to get there and out

Commercial flights within Philippines to Zambales take less then 2 hours.

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  • To/ from Manila

    Commercial flight takes 1 hr and available daily.  Land travel could only take an hour and 40 minutes. Sea travel takes 2 hrs and available daily. Private transportation may also be arranged by Maogma for your convenience and safety.

  • To/ from Cebu

    Commercial flight takes 1 hr and 30 mins and available daily. Sea travel takes 26 hrs and available weekly.

  • To/ from Puerto Princesa

    Commercial flight takes 1 hr and 30 mins and available daily. Commercial sea travel takes 30  hrs and available weekly.

How to go around

Brief info on public transportation
Transportation from your hotel in Metro Manila to the point of trek will be arranged by Maogma. A sidetrip to Subic could also be included by staying for an overnight or longer depending on the type of activities and pace you wish your stay will be.

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List of recommended accomodations
There are various type of accommodations within the area which Maogma will be able to arrange a booking for you should you wish to stay for more than a night or more.

Dining options
Depending on the specific location you will be in Zambales, dining options varies. For Pinatubo tour, the best would be a picnic lunch for a whole day tour. Subic provides a wider array of dining options. Many expatriates chose to live and conduct business in Subic Bay that there are a lot of international restaurants for people who might be missing the food they are used to. There are restaurants that specializes in Italian, Chinese, American, Mediterranean Japanese, Korean dishes and many more. Some of the famous dining places serve fresh seafood while enjoying a spectacular view of the Bay. There are, of course, restaurants specializing in local Filipino dishes at their best. Your dietary requirements and taste preferences will be considered by Maogma in preparing you an itinerary that provides the dining options that will suit you during your holiday.

Recommended activities
Pinatubo Trek - Adventurous folks will surely enjoy the rugged ride and challenging trek to Mt. Pinatubo. The postcard reward of experiencing the majestic crater lake, Lake Pinatubo. Your vacation to the Philippines should include a Pinatubo tour offered by Maogma.

Diving - Subic bay is home to great shipwreck diving sites with wreck vessel of USS New York from World War I still has its cannon intact. There are also wonderful coral formations and colourful marine life to be witnessed under the sea. There will be sights of barracuda, spotted sweet lips groupers, lion fishes, lobsters and spotted rays in the ship wreck dives. This area is great for underwater photography.

Sailing - with the great views of the oceans and mountain and the fresh sea air of Subic, this is the best place for sailing. Yacht rental could be arranged by Maogma should you wish to experience sailing in a romantic setting towards the sunset or simply for fun.

Forest adventure - Subic has forest survival camp adventure that makes you learn and experience how to survive in a forest. On the other hand, those who would like some adrenaline rush of exploring the forest by riding canopies, walking cable bridges, and cable-sliding from one treetop to another while marveling at the vast array of surrounding flora, fauna and animal species, then, there is also the TreeTop Adventure for them.

Swimming and surfing - with several of beautiful beaches in this province, you will find a spot that suits your preference to enjoy a swim on the beach or surf the waves.
These could be arranged by Maogma to be part of your holiday itinerary.

What to buy?
Mangoes - Apart from Guimaras, Zambales is said to be the one of the best sources of the Philippines famous fruit and the Dinamulag variety is the most popular.

Mango Wine - Apart from being made into pies, cakes, and other desserts, mangoes are also turned into wine with little alcohol content.

Pastillas de leche (milk pastille) - Numerous places in the country produce this Japanese-paper-wrapped sweet treat but the carabao milk pastilles or pastillas de leche from the municipalities of Iba and Palauig are the most sought after pastilles.

Stonecraft - The Zambals and Aetas, indigenous people of Zambales, crafts stone statues and stone ware since it is a part of their culture.


Travel Tips

  • Cards and Money

    Cash is the most used form of payment although credit cards and ATM cards may be used in malls and some restaurants and hotels.

  • Electric

    The Philippines uses 220 volt system and vertical two pin plugs.

  • Repellents and others

    It is suggested that those participating in a Mt. Pinatubo trekking should apply and carry insect repellents. Change of clothes and a big bottle of water will be good for the trek and walking around Subic. ..Nevertheless, Philippines has food establishments in every few steps that there’s no need to worry about bringing food and drinks while exploring the city.

Best time to go

Best season to visit Zambales especially when you plan to do the Pinatubo trek will be on the summer months of March to April when it will be mostly sunny. Zambales is also known for its mangoes which is in season during the months of January to April.

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