Bohol province is a great destination that offers diverse spectacular natural attractions making it suitable for those planning a romantic holiday, relaxing family vacation, friends who are looking for fun and adventure.  Being part of the Visayas region and consisting of 76 islands, Bohol province was endowed with outstanding white sand beaches and azure clear waters.  It’s proximity to Cebu and Dumaguete makes it very accessible to visit and be included in holiday vacations.

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    Chocol. Hills

    The most famous attraction in Bohol consisting of 1,247 limestone hills that are almost uniform in shape and size.  The vegetation covering these numerous mounds turns to chocolate brown during the dry season from January to April making it look like an endless rows of chocolate kisses.

  • Chocol. Hills

  • Tarsier

    These are the most adorable smallest primate you’ll ever see.  Their cute and delicate body which is no bigger than an adult man’s fist and huge round eyes is enough to melt hearts.  Despite the fact that tarsiers become sexually mature by their 17th month and has a very efficient copulation process of only one and half minute, they are highly sensitive and stress prone which makes them an endangered species.  Nevertheless, tarsier sanctuaries in Bohol allows close view of tarsiers with some restrictions on flash photography and touching to avoid stress to these delicate animals.

  • Tarsier

  • Marine life

    Bohol is blessed with amazing marine life which are great for snorkeling and scuba diving activities. Panglao island is routinely listed as one of the top ten diving locations in the world.  Island hopping tour is a definite must that includes a dolphin watching, snorkeling in Balicasag marine sanctuary and stroll to the fine white sand bar of Virgin Island where visitors may also find enterprising locals selling fresh coconut juice and exotic experience of eating fresh raw sea urchins.

  • Marine life

  • Caves

    There are more than a 1,400 caves in Bohol for those with adventurous spirits. One of the most popular caves due to easy access is the Hinagdanan cave in Panglao Island where visitors could also swim in the cool water. The stalactites and natural light that passes through the small holes from the cave ceiling creates a dramatic sight.

  • Caves

  • History

    As a sign of peace and friendly alliance, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, a Spanish explorer, and Datu Sikatuna, the chieftain of Bohol, performed a blood compact (sandugo) which is a tribal ritual of making a small cut on the wrist and blood of agreeing parties are mixed in the wine and drank by both of them.

  • History


How much time needed to explore and enjoy

To cover the highlights, it is recommended to stay for at least a week of holiday in Bohol.  Additional days may be added for a more relaxing holiday.

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How to get there and out

The countryside tour which include visits to Chocolate Hills, Tarsier sanctuary, significant churches and Loboc river cruise will take one whole day with a knowledgeable guide. Firefly watching tour is usually done from 6pm and lasts for 2 hours including a 30 minute one way land travel and 30 minutes boat ride on the river. Island hopping which includes snorkelling will take one whole day.  Scuba diving requires another day or more.  

Maogma arrange the tour and transportations for your safety and comfort.

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  • To / from Manila

    Commercial flights take 1hr and is available daily. Commercial sea travel takes 25 hrs and is available daily.

  • To / from Cebu

    Commercial flights take 25 minutes and is available daily. Commercial sea travel takes 1 hr and 45 minutes and is available daily.

  • To / from Dumaguete

    Commercial flights take 40 minutes and is available daily. Commercial sea travel takes 1hr and 40 minutes and is available daily.

How to go around

Brief info on public transportation
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List of recommended accomodations
Many luxurious and boutique resorts established themselves in Bohol. Some have a very stretch of white sand beach while others provide a more exclusive accommodation experience. Maogma will arrange the accommodation best suitable for your needs and preference.

Dining options
Several luxurious resorts in Bohol provides a classy ambiance for indoor and outdoor dining experience with a wide selection of international and local dishes. Romantic dining by the pool or by the beach could also be arranged.

Some resorts offer a more local dining experience of fresh salad from the farm which includes edible flowers as well as delectable fresh seafood.

Some tours offer a unique dining experience on their river cruise while being serenaded by live performances and picnic in an island during an island hopping tour.

Those with special diets or vegetarian/vegan lifestyle could be provided with suitable dining arrangements.

Recommended activities
Scuba diving - There are many dive sites in Bohol province which includes the Marine sanctuary in Balicasag island or those around Panglao island. Bohol Land

Tour - The top attractions of Bohol can be comfortably explored with a guide and a private transport arranged by Maogma for your comfort and convenience.

Island hopping with dolphin watching - Guests may witness several dolphins playing, jumping, spinning, and swimming next to the boats.

Firefly watching tour - The best things in life are free - and at night! The glowing fireflies by the river of Loboc River will surely delight both the young and the old. Maogma offers vacation packages in the Philippines with fireflies tours.

ATV Ride - A great Bohol package comes with entertaining activities and one way to entertain oneself is through an ATV ride with families and friends. Trust that Maogma can do the necessary arrangements for you to have a great ATV ride.

Relaxation - For the best overall pampering and relaxation, spas at The Peacock Garden and at Eskaya Resort are highly recommended. Nothing completes a holiday in Bohol than with a soothing spa experience.

What to buy?
Food - Pure honey and Peanut Kisses which are small peanut cookies shaped like the popular chocolate kisses. Souvenir items like tarsier key chains, accessories like hats and jewelries locally crafted with pearls and other beautiful materials.


Travel Tips

  • Cards and Money

    Credit cards are acceptable in major resorts and establishments.  Nevertheless, cash will be useful for small purchases like souvenir shopping or giving tips.

  • Electric

    The Philippines uses 220 volt system and vertical two pin plugs.

  • Repellents

    Not necessary but advisable when going out in the evenings.

Best time to go

March to June is the best time to visit being Philippines summer season.

Impressions of Bohol

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